Self-Healing IS Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing is something we access when we understand how our mind and body work. In the quantum world, there are limitless possibilities. Every and anything exists. Our minds are the most powerful creators of existence. Nothing is true or real unless we make it so. We have the power to fully create our world including jobs, health, friendships, partnerships, and where we live. Our mind will keep us exactly where it believes.   In sickness and dis-ease, our mind will put our body in a state that matches those vibrations. When we stress, we create dis-ease in the body. When we smile and laugh, we create healing in the body. The body can only respond to one thing at a time. Is it being healed or harmed by the mind? Our body can only do one of them at a time, be healed, or be harmed. Which will you choose? In the Quantum World, we can access the future and create our destiny. Every thought has a frequency and gets sent out into the universe and a situation will magnetize towards y

The Alpha, the Feminine, and Relationships

                “Nice guys finish last” …so do nice girls. It’s the ebb and flow of energy, or in this case, lack thereof. When someone is too passive, too agreeable, or too sweet all of the time, the frequency of that energy will do one of two things: It will connect with its opposite in the other person, creating a type of dominance, or it will reflect a similar energy from the other person and create stillness. All energy needs to have ebb and flow. Without its counterpart, things get off balance. One will most likely get bored or annoyed with always having to balance out the “too” much of anything. It is important that we learn a balance within our own personality. Now that doesn’t imply being mean, but we must be strong enough to put up boundaries and have opinions. Some people will say they don’t like a person who can’t make decisions. Passiveness is a sign of weakness, and then the strength of the polar side, will eventually dominate. This creates a disconnect between the two

Karma, Empaths, and Suffering

          Many empaths find it difficult to be in the world as we take on everyone’s feelings and experiences. It causes great sadness and suffering. We have a hard time understanding how things are, and why people choose to do certain things. We have a hard time watching people suffer and be depressed as most of us know there is another way. But ironically, we don’t choose that way. We call ourselves empaths and use that as an excuse to take on other’s suffering. We don’t even realize that our own identity of empath is what causes the suffering.           I had a profound discovery during one of my recent meditations. Being vegan, I have a really hard time watching animals suffer. I only shared my vegan life style choice because for me, I found it to be a duty to save animals in any way that I can. I live in Mexico and there are other conditions besides factory farming that occur here. A lot of people have animals as pets and they don’t care for them. I have a neighbor who got a puppy

Is it Possible to Have Romantic Relationships in Buddhism? (No Attachments)

             This is something I have been pondering for years now. I have been deeply into studying Buddhism, and Zen, and others of the sort. All of them speak of no attachments. How is it possible to love without being attached? Well, it is possible, but not until we’ve practiced not being attached; not being attached to outcomes, people, and things. Once we’ve mastered that, love is just something else to not be attached to.           What is unconditional love? It’s exactly as it sounds, loving without conditions to an outcome or the person we’re loving. I would imagine that is how relationships can be successful, with minimal conflict. Of course, we are human, and our ego will continue to show itself, especially when the mirror is constantly being held in front of our face. Relationships of all kinds are just mirrors of ourselves, as we only know what we are or have been. What we don’t like in others is what we do not like within ourselves. It is unresolved trauma, pain, fears,

Trusting Others is an Attachment

          Trusting people is having attachments, and attachments create suffering. This may turn some people off because most will say without trust, there is no relationship. But honestly, when we trust what people say in hopes they say what they mean, or will follow through with their word, what happens when they don’t? We get mad, upset, disappointed, and feel like we can’t trust people. That’s why I do my best to practice Buddhist teachings. Whatever is, just is. If someone says something and they don’t follow through, that is their path, not ours. If that’s how they choose to show up in life, let them. We don’t have to choose to be affected by it. Character is one’s own personal responsibility. No one is responsible for another person except themselves. Now, in marriage, I could see how this can be an exception, but then again, one would hope they married someone with character and integrity. If not, again it’s on them. And it’s also on us to choose to continue with that person or

We Are Not What Happens to Us, But What We Think.

             Our whole entire reality is based around our experiences, which then create beliefs and thoughts. It has been said that perception is everything, so that means that our perception is clearly an illusion. It’s a perceived conclusion of what we think based on what we think we know, or what has happened to us in our lives thus far. The reason it is an illusion is because someone can experience the same exact thing, and have a completely different reality about it. Why is that? Well, their past will be different, their relationship to the situation will be different, therefore their perception of it is different. If something can be so different in the same situation, that is where the illusion is created. Absolutely everything in our lives is a direct reflection of our thoughts and beliefs. The Quantum World has proven how thoughts have frequencies and get sent out into the universe and how those frequencies also affect the body. I won’t get too deep into the science part o

Dark Night of the Soul

          How dark does it have to get before we turn on the lights? How many times will we put ourselves in danger before we walk the path of light? Well, the Dark Night of the Soul will be sure to let us know. That is the moment of necessary surrender. It’s probably one of the most painful places a soul in a human body can go to. It’s when we feel like giving up, quitting, wishing for that bus to hit us, crying ourselves to sleep, drinking bottles of wine, and being so self-destructive that it starts to feel good. It’s when we can’t find any strength or hope to find a way to make things better. And then, things get worse. Right on cue.           Kali Ma. She is the Hindu goddess of destruction. She will come and take the pain away. No matter the religion or philosophy you choose to follow, it’s just symbolism. It symbolizes the complete destruction one’s soul must go through in order to be reborn. Nothing can be rebirthed without total destruction. This is not death of the body. Th