We Are Not What Happens to Us, But What We Think.

               Our whole entire reality is based around our experiences, which then create beliefs and thoughts. It has been said that perception is everything, so that means that our perception is clearly an illusion. It’s a perceived conclusion of what we think based off what we think we know, or what has happened to us in our lives thus far. The reason it is an illusion is because someone can experience the same exact thing and have a completely different reality about it. Why is that? Well, their past will be different, there relationship to the situation will be different, therefor their perception of it is different. If something can be so different for the same situation, that is where the illusion is created. Absolutely everything in our lives is a direct reflection of our thoughts and beliefs. The Quantum World has proven how thoughts have frequencies and get sent out into the universe and how those frequencies also affect the body. I won’t get too deep into the science part

Dark Night of the Soul

          How dark does it have to get before we turn on the lights? How many times will we put ourselves in danger before we walk the path of light? Well, the Dark Night of the Soul will be sure to let us know. That is the moment of necessary surrender. It’s probably one of the most painful places a soul in a human body can go to. It’s when we feel like giving up, quitting, wishing for that bus to hit us, crying ourselves to sleep, drinking bottles of wine, and being so self-destructive that it starts to feel good. It’s when we can’t find any strength or hope to find a way to make things better. And then, things get worse. Right on cue.           Kali Ma. She is the Hindu goddess of destruction. She will come and take the pain away. No matter the religion or philosophy you choose to follow, it’s just symbolism. It symbolizes the complete destruction one’s soul must go through in order to be reborn. Nothing can be rebirthed without total destruction. This is not death of the body. Th

Medication or Meditation?....medicinally maniacal. "Don't forget to make time to love yourself"

This started as a voicenote on my Blackberry about a blog I was going to post. Instead, I turned it into an audio blog narrated with music and images....I hope you enjoy!  And please feel free to share and care! I believe it is necessary for people to REALLY understand this; for a better, healthier, and happier life! hold the key to your happiness! CLICK HERE: UPDATE September 16, 2022: This was over 10 years ago. I couldn't even begin to tell you the increase of statistics on pharmaceuticals. The madness needs to end. Mother Nature has all that we need. Follow the real science ;)  It's time to come together..."Together We Rise".  Happy Healing!  ✨🌟✨ Gia Rose To reach out for help or questions, please fill out my contact form on my website: OR Email: IG:@Realspiritualist Youtube Channels:  Frequency Fun ,  Sam & Gram

Common Science...Common Sense

UPDATE September 16, 2022: This was written over 10 years ago, and although my writing style and approach has softened a bit, my beliefs still stand hard and strong. It's time to come together... "Together We Rise".            I’ve heard things like: “All children are born innocent, it’s their environment that make them who they are,” or “You are a product of your environment”….why do these statements become valid arguments?...because they are true!!! A baby that is born no matter what climate or country… (unless the mother was using substances, or malnourished ) are ALL EQUALLY CAPABLE of learning, feeling, processing, and living in ANY and in ALL environments. I think what we have “lost” in our human society is the FACT that we are ALL made up of the SAME biological and genetic make up and only a billionth of any strand differs from one gene to another….that’s not very common, which means we are ALL…genetically the same. It’s only our ENVIRONMENT that separates us from

United we stand...divided we fall.

UPDATE September 16, 2022: I wrote this over 10 years ago. Seem things are still the same.  It's time to come together..."Together We Rise".            I don’t understand why the stupid people are so angry at The Occupiers. Oh wait, that’s right…they’re stupid. They are continuing to believe what is being portrayed by the media, that these “jobless losers” have nothing better to do. HELLO…we are here to SAVE YOU! You are “dividing” the people up by siding with your enemy, by CHOOSING to believe what “they” are telling you instead of the THOUSANDS of videos and articles that say otherwise. And I’m not just speaking about “Anonymous” or “Occupiers”, I am speaking of people like JFK, and others that have been “permanently silenced” for trying to CLUE YOU IN! If you think government, order, and laws are SO important and should be respected, let’s start with the one’s that our country was supposedly founded upon. The FIRST AMENDMENT: “Protects the freedom of religion , speech

Men/women, relationships, the wounded bird, and "The IF of Death"

UPDATE September 16, 2022: My writing style has gotten way way softer, but my beliefs and research will always be solid.           Is this the same song, different version? And the more specific question you may be asking yourself is "how can I allow myself to have such a big heart, when all it does is suffer afterwards?" I wonder, is that why it’s so big, to fit all that shit in it? And then we have to deal with what’s there! Like any muscle, the more we use it, the bigger it gets. Even our stomach, the more we feed it, the more it wants to eat. Isn’t that physiological fact enough to convince us to stop?...Apparently not, in matter of the heart speaking....           Some will say, like in The Secret “our thoughts cause our feelings” It’s always the thoughts fault! If we can THINK differently about how something “feels” then it can and will feel different!…or at least go away quicker because your mind will be convinced eventually. However, it’s just as bad in the other dir

Do you REALLY wanna be an actor in Hollywood?

          So this is my first official blog for me and my company J.C.M. Productions, Inc. We are a full service entertainment production company. I am the owner, Giovanna Maimone. I am an actress and writer with hopes to spread MANY messages. Part of being able to spread truth and light is having undergone many life altering experiences. I know there are a lot of people out there that struggle with growing up and dealing with people. I would like to specifically offer my advice to any one who thinks they want to come to L.A and become an actor/actress. Ask yourself WHY?!?! Is it because you TRULY LOVE the craft and have thought about it and studied it forever? Or is it because you have mommy/daddy issues or you were teased as a child and you want to be able to say nannynanna to everyone. Look what I became?... I would guess it's most likely the second since most artist come from wounded spirits.           I remember being about 8 years old and I said “I am